Moving: Towards a Positive Frame of Mind

Moving: Towards a Positive Frame of Mind

I just reread my last post about moving, and realized that it portrays Leelo negatively. So let me rephrase in a way that is truer to our intentions:

We have found a house that has enough space for Leelo to be Leelo, year-round. The house already has the two holy grails of Leelohood: a trampoline and a pool. Plus a big play room inside. His own, much larger room. A larger outside deck to run and ride around on. We think he will be ecstatic. And if he is happy, then we are happy, too.

I am hoping that providing him with enough interior space to be active will help alleviate these horrible winter downward behavioral spirals he goes on each year. We hate seeing him be so miserable, when we know what a sunny, happy boy he can be.

Also, since he doesn't like to travel, we are excited about the guest room that will allow our friends and family to easily come stay with us. Another case of Leelo happy, everyone happy.

This move will drop us into hell for a month or so, but then we'll all be as close to heaven as we're likely to get.

Speaking of heaven, if I close my eyes and pucker up, Leelo will give me a big smooch. Sweet, yes, but even sweeter is the fact that I can close my eyes and trust him to kiss me, not deck me. He is trying really hard to be a good boy, and I spent all day telling him how much I appreciate him and wonderful he is.

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