She's Like a Breath of Spring

She's Like a Breath of Spring

Did you know that that bitch Jennyalice has a blog? Why can't wittier wordsmiths than me (than I? Fuck, I can't remember, but she would) stay out of the blogosphere? And when is she coming over to my house?

Yesterday Mali handed me my phone and told me that my dad was on the line. If you were at The Hole yesterday, then I was the woman in the expensive bottled teas aisle staring mutely at her phone-brandishing toddler and trying not to cry in public. Though I did lose it a bit today when, after Iz's and Sophie's and Merlin's and Violet's lovely piano concert, their teacher's husband sat down and played the hell out of the Gershwin Prelude featured in An American in Paris, which was one of my dad's favorite movies.

Some quick Leelo dispatches:

Yesterday he did an experiment! Seymour and I really enjoyed watching Leelo acquaint himself with variables. First, he took a bowl of Cheerios off of the counter and out onto the back deck. (Doing anything other than eating from a food receptacle is different.) But, then, he placed the bowl on his trampoline. And then he placed his feet on either side of that bowl and proceeded to dance those Cheerios up into the air. (And then he picked them all off the trampoline, put them back in the bowl, and ate them. Eww.) But, an experiment! Damn!

He is also playing his little keyboard a lot, in terms of messing with various sounds and combinations and patterns. I think he's even figured out how to do the playback mode. Cacofonix would be proud.

Our boy has also been displaying a bit of OCD in needing to touch both sides of doorways, pillars, etc. before passing through. This makes a nice addition to his need to make sure the back door is latched, and his love of flushing any potty three or four times before doing his business.

Tonight we had TLF and Talia and my cousin Nad and his wife JP and their kids Danielle, Elise, and Xander over. Nad gave us one of the best gifts any person can ever ever give, which is to take Leelo and go play with him -- for real, and enthusiastically, not just watching our boy wander around the yard -- without even asking, and for a good length of time. When you have kids like Leelo, this sort of thing just doesn't happen very often, which is too bad. I think parents like us can use those kind of breaks even more than parents of typical kids, as every moment of Leelo's waking time has to be closely supervised by either us or a paid substitute for us. (Not that I can really complain seeing as TLF took Iz to a local fair for most of the afternoon, and helped JP supervise her while she was one of the dunkees in Danielle's and Elise's school's dunk tank fundraiser.)

Anyhow. We all had pizza, and then I told Iz that she should take advantage of this yard while she can seeing as we're moving out in less than three weeks. Everyone eventually went outside with her, while the kids ran around gathering "wheat" and making sacred Indian prayer circles, and debated the plausibility of the Troll Hole in the corner. Then we picked ripe cherries from our tree while bathed in the kind of golden glow that only a late spring afternoon in California can provide. And I sulked again about leaving this place I love so much. But it has to be done.

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