Behavioral Excerpt From Leelo's Day

Behavioral Excerpt From Leelo's Day

I don't remember if I've mentioned that I track Leelo's daily Routine, Health, Sleep, Diet, Medication, Language, Behavior, and Toileting, in a Google spreadsheet that is viewed by everyone who works with him. Here's todays entry in the "Behavior" column:
A lot of really hard punching and hitting today. However if we ignored him and just let ourselves get beaten upon four or five times, eventually he would stop and use language instead. Babysitter A and my cousin Nad, both of whom have allergies, suggested that with all the winds, sinus pressure symptoms have been peaking for the past few days. A few episodes of manic giggling. However he was totally fine, behaviorally, while swimming at a friend's pool for two hours.
My shoulder hurts.

Went on a tour of the new house today, so that the kids could see it and I could get pictures to make a social story like the one Signora Blog made for Moon when they moved. Iz loved everything about the house, Mali loved going in and out of the cat door, and Leelo was really really excited about the pool and spent a lot of time trying to get away from Seymour and under the pool's cover. We really really need to get that pool fence installed before we move in.

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