Mali and Mothers Day

Mali and Mothers Day

Last night, during the kids' bathtime, Iz and I were teasing Mali about her eyebrows (or, rather, her lack thereof). Mali got very concerned:

"I need to go upstairs! I need to go find my eyebwows!"

Later on, when I told her it was time to go downstair and go to bed,

"I don't want to go downstairs! I still need to eat some choc-o-late chips!"

She is slaying me, and indeed most people she encounters, with her Cuteness. Especially since she remembers the names of every person she meets, yells greetings at them from across parking lots, and then tells them how nice it is to see them.

I still think she is a funny-looking little thing, darling as she is. Her new cloud of curls has many people declaring that she looks like Shirley Temple, but I maintain that she looks more like Richard Simmons. Here she is, jellyfishing:

Mali Jellyfishing

She is now so very Two that most requests are met with an emphatic "NO!" just because. Basically, she sees negation as a super ability. Sigh. I hope we get through this phase quickly. It would probably help if we didn't giggle so much each time she summons her powers.

I still can't get over all her typical little kid behaviors that I'd heard about but never really experienced. She insists on certain items of clothing, e.g., "I want to wear my KITTY CAT SANDAWLS!" She has a "rainbow dress" that she insists on wearing 24-7, even on top of her jammies. She is always getting into other peoples' shoes and wearing them around the house. She likes to play dressup, and put on costumes. She likes to role play with dolls, independently. All very unfamiliar. Observing her makes me feel like Margaret Mead.

Anyhow. I have been banished downstairs. I went up to start working on today's Holy Shit We're Moving task list and encountered a frantic and perturbed Iz, who was doing *something* in the kitchen with her sidekick Seymour, and who yelled, "BACK IN BED!"

Oooh, look what they brought me! Happy Mothers Day to all you other hot mamas.

Mothers Day Fruit Face Breakfast

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