He Can Do It

He Can Do It

Leelo can:

  • Tolerate sitting in a regular cross-shoulder strap car seat with booster, with ongoing reinforcements encouragement. This means that if we put in the effort, we can get rid of his gargantuan five point harness car seat, and he can ride in any car, without special accommodation. This was inconthievable even six months ago.

  • Help his parents shop for groceries. He is getting better and better at getting the things I ask for, putting produce in bags (if I hold them open), retrieving non-breakable goods from shelves and putting them in the cart, getting the number of things I ask him to get (we're still working on that one-to-one correspondence), and unloading the cart for purchase. He can also get the shopping cart out of the corral and put it back when we're done, with prompting.

  • Tell us how he feels. This is starting to happen more frequently, and it is wonderful and welcome. This morning upon waking, he went into the living room, sat down on a bean bag, rubbed his eyes, and declared, "I'm tired, Dad."
Sadly, he is at his best when other kids (especially his sisters) aren't around. His tolerance and compliance and expressiveness all go south when other kids appear, or he's surrounded with and overwhelmed by people. But he is making strides, all of which are very good. And we are taking very large steps to support his growth and mental well-being in a way that will make life easier for all of us Rosenbergs. Details later.

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