Mali got her official asthma diagnosis today. She'll be the Albuterol and Claritin girl for the next two weeks at least, and despises both her inhaler and being dosed with liquid medicine. At least she is chipper; she spent most of the day climbing on top of high objects, yelling "Catch me!" and jumping on me whether I was ready or not.

I am freeeeeeeeked out about cashflow. I suspect we will be living in a very nice house that will have no furniture in it owing to a nosedive on the part of the stocks we used to purchase our new place.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday; my parents' wedding anniversary is in two days. I am glad that my mom's sister is staying with her and helping her get through this time. My aunt characterized my mom as "intermittently weepy." I know how she feels.

Sleep is not coming easily lately. And if I wake up, I am up for at least three hours. This is bad for this time in our lives.

I got extra daytime babysitting for Leelo with his wonderful aide Rosie, but am finding that it's not helping me all that much with packing and arranging for the move as the girls are in my face all the time.

I am not keeping up on figuring out Leelo's classroom situation for the fall. Must call county Elementary SpEd contact in the morning. Must contact my district contact re: Leelo's summer school.

Nice news, though, Leelo is in a very daddy mood, which is nice for Seymour. When Seymour escaped from Leelo's grasp and hopped into the shower, Leelo said, "Where's Daddy?" I really did almost fall down in a faint of disbelief. Then he shocked me again by spontaneously pointing to the giant fish head painting in the bathroom and declaring, "That's a fish!" while looking at me for confirmation. He has been in a mellow good mood lately as long as you don't try to take him to the toilet.

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