Grumpy, But.

Grumpy, But.

I think it is okay to be really sad when your husband is away for a week and your autistic son is potty training so you can't ever take your eyes off him lest he takes off all his clothes and shits on the rug or your bed and he finds the whole process so frustrating that he gets very aggro and violent and on top of it all fully six of his weekly therapy sessions get cancelled and also the person who normally helps with him in the afternoon a few times per week will not be doing so for three weeks. And it's not like I want to go off and get my hair fixed or read a book or go anywhere fun. All I want is enough time to get my shit together, post-move, so that the nice people who take away our garbage don't have to call me and remind me to pay them, so that I can reply to all the really kind comments people have left and the 254 emails I've not yet answered, so that I can find the piece of paper that Iz's new teachers sent home with her in June to tell her what to do all summer to prepare for fourth grade which begins August 27th, and to bring my stress level down to a point where my left eye doesn't twitch so much.

Also it turns out Supervisor M wants Leelo to go to a school across a bridge, and that she was not excited about me wanting to put him in a county class that I hadn't yet seen even though DoubleTrouble and mb had good things to say about it and they're super picky. She has a point; she has given me very clear criteria for what Leelo needs in a classroom and I didn't ask any questions about how the County folks take data on IEP compliance, how they comply with behavioral plans, how they measure the kids' progress, etc. I am really feeling like a giant fuckup about Leelo's Fall placement. I also just realized that the school district never provided him with speech or OT over the summer -- and only because another friend sent out an email stating that the same thing happened to her kids, meaning that the district is out of compliance with their IEP (and, so, Leelo's too). I are Special Needs Mother of the Year, I'm telling you.

At least I got to talk to Iz and Seymour today. Iz's dinner tonight was fish & chips featuring a rock cod she caught, she's got a natural knack for Monopoly and is kicking everyone's ass, and she and her dad keep getting to go on hikes where they find secret lakes up in the mountains (with ten different kinds of rainbow-colored fungus) and no one else is ever around. Seymour got all his work crap taken care of before he left Seattle and so is able to enjoy his boating week. When I figured out that Leelo wanted me to scat with him this morning, he came up and gave me a snuggly hug and put his head on my shoulder. And Mali is a cute bug who keeps cupping my face in her hands so she can give me big wet smackers. And I did have babysitting tonight, and got to see a lovely movie (Becoming Jane). So, rah, not everything in my life begets stress.

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