Holy Shit on a Shingle

Holy Shit on a Shingle

Potty training is ongoing. I don't ever remember feeling this continuously stressed, but suspect this is because both my long- and my short-term memory have been obliterated. Certainly not getting a damn other thing done. And I think it's stressing Leelo out, too, and making him withhold -- in the last two days his entire output has been a scant handful of pellets. But he has done some pooing in the potty, and didn't have any pee accidents yesterday or today.

Below are daily notes directly copied and pasted from Leelo's daily record as I've no time and Seymour and Iz are leaving for tomorrow for a week boating with Seymour's parents (with my blessing; his folks built their boat for luring family and friends to sea, and there's no point in all five of us staying home just because Leelo isn't boat-compatible). Herewith:

WED 8/1

Underwear 6:30 AM - 8:30 PM. Well now. Did very well staying dry until school. Accident at school. Was placed in pullups; had poop in those. When we returned home and I returned him to underwear, he had a major hissy fit. Took him into the pool; he pooped there. Took him out of the pool and put him on the potty where he peed nicely; then he ran into the backyard and peed on the trampoline. Did very good poops in the potty for Seymour with juice as reinforcer (***EPIPHANY***). Had two more huge poops after being put in bed (with pullup). [Killed three or four outfits and at least one set of sheets.]

Very kindly and spontaneously handed a water bottle to Mali in the car when she asked him to. No external prompting or repeeating of her request. Beat the holy hell out of me when I put him back into underwear after a mid-day pullup stint.

Very good asking to "put diaper back on" when I put him in underwear in the afternoon (he had an accident at school and I had forgotten to take the pullups out of his backpack).


Underwear all day. Naked during break b/t morning therapy and summer school. Only accident was when naked and ran into living room and peed on futon right after peeing in toilet (random). Some poops in the potty at night for Babysitter K, but not much. He is trying to push really hard, though. No night poops.

Asked Seymour for "No kiss" as Seymour was leaving for work,which meant that he wanted a kiss. Still adding "please" to the end of all sentences.

FRI 8/3

Underwear all day. No accidents doing toilet intervals of 30 - 45 minutes, even during errands (dropping Iz off at camp, etc.). Trying to use cheesy puffs & juice as reinforcer. He is having a rough time producing poo even with lots of trying. I am worried that he is getting blocked up.

Trying to give him more fiber & oil.

Very pleased to see that he now always wipes the fronts and backs of his hands on towels (I've only been working with him on it for three years) while reciting to himself "fronts and backs...fronts and backs...")

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