Leelo: More Potty Talk!

Leelo: More Potty Talk!

From yesterday's daily record spreadsheet.

Kept trying to get me out of bed from 4:30 to 6:00 AM. Finally came up to me with two [least-creative and therefore really irritating Dr. Seuss] books and said "I want you to read books, Mommy." [The clever little man knows I can't resist such requests from him.]

Pretty good behavior in terms of aggression. Very loopy and manically giggly all day, probably due to lack or sleep and/or cheesy puffs overconsumption.

Two poops in pullups during the night (1 AM, 4:30 AM). Underwear all day. Going every 45 minutes. No accidents. Trying to keep him on the potty for 15 - 30 minutes each time (cheesy puffs, reading books, YouTube). The latter two are preferable as he keeps getting off the pot to tap me and ask for the cheesy puffs. Went poop around 7:00 in the potty with no crouching beforehand (for Babysitter R). No wee hours poops. Yay Leelo!

Dr.M says he has a congestion headache and we should put him on a decongestant for three days. If that doesn't work we may need to up his Claritin. Also his ears have fluid in them but they are not infected.

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