Hi Supervisor M

Hi Supervisor M,
Had a chat with Jay at County this morning about getting Leelo set up for class next Wed. It looks like we won't be able to squeak in an IEP before then, but we will get one within 30 days. However we can certainly set up a meeting with his teacher before then. (They do not yet have the permanent teacher but have a "good" sub in place, and the aides are all veterans.) My friend has monthly meetings with her child's teachers and that seems like a good model to me; please let me know what you think.

In the mean time it would be a good idea to get a one page, ten (or so) point "Leelo Cheat Sheet" for the staff. I can do this if you'd be willing to review. Please let me know.

Also, and very very sadly, Therapist L's [she who has supported Leelo for four years] schedule does not at all work with Leelo's new schedule; the late afternoons (which is all Leelo will have available) have always belonged to another family. She may be able to keep one Wednesday 1:30 - 3:30 shift as Leelo gets out at 12:30 those days. Sigh. [A more accurate sound effect would be *hoarse sobbing.*]

I have not yet talked to Therapist Y, but Rosie is definitely available to cover late afternoon shifts, if you think this is a good idea. It certainly seems like a good idea from the perspective that she is already a school district employee, and that she is so proactive with and good with Leelo. Therapist L will be coming this Wednesday to give Rosie some training seeing as no matter what happens with Leelo's home program, Rosie has taken over Babysitter K's Thursday session and it would be nice for R to have more skills for playing/working with Leelo then.


Other breaking news:

  • Leelo pooped in the potty at the library this afternoon. We may not be completely and indefinitely housebound during the second half of the day!
  • Our pool has a huge, expensive-looking leak that is not covered by our home warranty. No swimming until further notice. This is bad bad bad bad bad if your name is Leelo or Leelo's Mom.
  • Mali seems to be warming to the concept of peeing in the potty. Getting about one direct hit per day. Of which she is cognizant. Progress.
  • Iz spent yesterday morning on a fossil-finding hike with her dad and one of the primary paleontologists from the Ca1 Academy. Hate them both.
  • Seymour's party was fun. But I am finding that I cannot fully enjoy a family bash in which my son cannot participate, especially when the party is in his own home. Until or unless he starts tolerating crowds and noise better, we will socialize on a smaller scale.

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