Reunion Weekend Continued ... Oh, Wait, Someone Peed on the Floor

Reunion Weekend Continued ... Oh, Wait, Someone Peed on the Floor

Seymour, bless his proactive soul, decided while I was off reunioning that as long as he had a weekend with Leelo all to himself, he might as well put our boy on the All Undies, All the Time wagon train. Then Seymour went back to work.

I was slightly surprised by the change in schedule, but fortunately am in a state of continuous daze, and adjusted well. Besides, I agree with Seymour that there is no going back.

Leelo is making a good effort for the most part, as long as we take him to the potty at least every 45 minutes. The only accidents that occurred on my watch happened when that time frame was breached, which means that I am becoming increasingly alert, and that is not a bad thing.

Leelo won't poo in the pot, though; he holds it all day (or until we take our eyes off him for a moment and he can lie down and stick his butt in the air) and waits until after he gets to put on his bed-time pullup. I am worried that this kind of withholding could lead to encopresis, but am willing to stick it out for a few weeks at least. I think that the withholding itself indicates that he has the necessary control for full-fledging toileting, and that once he realizes the all-underwear concept is a permanent lifestyle change rather than a phase, he will start doing what he needs to do. All ten fingers crossed.

At the moment Leelo only leaves the house to go to school, and we make very few stops along the way. When we're home, I have him and Mali spend as much time naked as they can, but regardless have to watch Leelo constantly to make sure he's not perched or standing on anything absorbent (e.g., the futon currently serving as our couch). I have also checked out every single potty-related book at the public library and stacked them next to the toilet, and read as many as Mali and Leelo will tolerate while they do their every-45-minute potty time. Mali even produced a miniature turd today, though she seemed mostly unaware.

So, busy. If you want to see me then you'll most likely need to come to my house. But it's for the greater good; it may be that our family is heading towards a diaper- and pullup-free future. That would be blissful indeed.

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