I Have the Higher Ground!

I Have the Higher Ground!

I wish this phrase were part of Leelo's repertoire. It is a good warning for both lapsed Jedi knights and parents of occasionally violent autistic children. But now I know not to approach Leelo from below when he is sitting on the stairs to ask why he is upset -- I needed both my hands to grab the handrails and keep from being pitched backwards off the stairs, and so left my head/ears/face completely unprotected. Stupid of me. At least he managed to keep most of the gouges inside my ears, as he was using them for handles.

He was so sweet all day until then; we had just spent a wonderful long time playing sound and facial expression imitation games, and he had even just had a successful BM in the pot. I still don't know why he was so mad; it may be because he got his shirt wet while washing his hands. Yet another *sigh.* And another reminder to be more careful about paying attention to his mood and body language. I will get the hang of this eternal vigilance thing eventually. I am definitely getting better at staying silent while being assaulted -- any reaction just reinforces his bad mood and prolongs the incidents, and increases the likelihood of his then turning on anyone else in the vicinity. I don't want him to be violent at all, but since that's not currently a reality, the second best choice is making sure he only assaults me.

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