Reunion Final Recap

Reunion Final Recap

Okay, so here is the short version of the reunion. I'm never going to get to anything longer:

  • Gwen Stefani didn't come. No surprise; she was very shy in high school.
  • A bunch of the very nicest people I know got divorced. Their exes have to be the stupidest fucking people on earth.
  • I love Dee so much!
  • A lot of people looked like hell, but all the people we hung out with looked amazing. I think Mr. Bakery, Dee's partner, and Godfather M were among the few men who didn't look bloated and partially melted. But most people were quite nice.
  • Two people who hung out with me when I was wee but figured out by 5th grade that I was a geek and dropped me cold wanted to come up and reminisce about Good Times. Uh, okay. I guess I'm still slightly bitter! Yay for maturity!
  • The people I really loved in junior/high school but haven't seen in, oh, forever? I still think they're wonderful and we still get along amazingly well. Will have to try to be better about keeping connected.
  • Two guys I've always really respected turned out to be major comix junkies. We were working through some small talk, one of them mentioned that he was missing Comic-Con, we other two yelled out in anguish, "I KNOW!," and the conversation took a deep plunge into Geekland. Will have to follow up with them, too. Especially since I couldn't remember that the reason for reading Runaways (which one of them hadn't read) was that it was another Brian K. Vaughan project like Y: The Last Man (which we all keep up with).
  • Anasleim is still a shithole. But now it's a shithole be-ringed by Starbucks.
  • God do I not miss Orange County.
Now, I didn't want to go to this reunion. Not because it conflicted with BlogHer, because last year's local event proved that I am even less voluble or socially enabled than advertised, and I ain't paying money to go to fricking Chicago just to remind myself how well I suck at conferences in which I have no role. No, indeed, I didn't want to go because I honestly was not interested in seeing anyone from my high school whom I wasn't already still in touch with, nor did I feel like hanging out with a bunch of people who would spend the entire evening, as they did at the last reunion, wondering whether or not Gwen Stefani is going to show up. Besides, Hayley had offered to let me be her roommate at Comi-Con, a conference at which my role would be clear: I would be her partner in mainlining fangirl-strength geekitude. And her job set her up with cool passes to cool events.

But I am glad I went to the reunion. The people I did hook up with again, they were worth it. And there is nothing better than getting to hang out with Dee and her crew, except maybe hanging out with Giddy AND Dee AND their crews. I just wish my boy was in a space where both of my boys could have come along, too.

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