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Shoppity Shop Shop

I detest shopping. Truly. But I also like to find people The Best Gifts Ever. How wonderful, then, that my very favorite online store, the one that straddles that lickety-split yet thoughtful gifting sweet spot, the one that saved my bloated ass when I got stuck on bedrest for two months while pregnant with Iz during the entire 1998 holiday shopping season, has relaunched!

Why should you shop at Violet.com? Because:

  1. They have the tidiest assortment of unique, intuitively organized, lovely gifts you'll ever find online. In all price ranges. (Think Red Enve1ope, but without the suckage.) The selection will expand as the holidays approach.
  2. It is a local and woman-run business.
  3. They really do have exquisite taste. Do you remember Microserfs' first chapter, the one in which the narrator couldn't believe his eyes upon meeting techheads who dressed well and dwelled chicly? Douglas Coupland's thin literary veil was covering Violet's founder and her partner.
Go. Shop. Now. And please spread the word. I want Violet.com to be around forever. And please know that my only association with the company is my dependency.

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