CA Supreme Court and Gay Marriage: Do Worry, But Be Happy for Now

(Just left a variation on this comment on Susan's blog but as always am a huge fan of reusing and recycling.)

My church had a post-service celebration today, in which the entire congregation celebrated the CA Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage by having all the same-sex couples cut and serve wedding cake to everyone else. Much joy, few dry eyes.

We also had several clear-headed members speak up about how important it is to keep fighting while we celebrate, because if the haters have their way, November will bring an opportunity for voters to amend the state constitution and overturn the Supreme Court's decision.

What to do? One volley: send these video segments from If These Walls Could Talk 2 to everyone you know, anyone who might be swayed to do the right thing. Vanessa Redgrave broke my heart as the elder lesbian who is barred from her dying lover's hospital bedside (she wasn't family), and then turned out of the house in which she lived and loved because she had no legal right to it.

Here are the five segments' URLs:

Segment 1:
Segment 2:
Segment 3:
Segment 4:
Segment 5:

More information at Human Rights Campaign.

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  1. gay marriage (or the lack of) is another issue that makes me outraged (see my comment about autism and church).
    this is a plain and simple human right issue. bigotti fascisti!


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