Smartypants Leelo and Mali

Smartypants Leelo and Mali

Today I gave Leelo a new dot-to-dot puzzle. Only six numbered dots to connect, but in a zig-zag rather than the circular pattern he'd previously done. I prompted him, "1 to 2...", thinking he might need encouragement through the whole puzzle, but he took off and completed it independently -- in the totally new and 100% correct pattern, because HE UNDERSTOOD THE SEQUENCE. Huge! I think he is starting to feel a bit better, more resident in his own skin.

A couple hours later Mali was sitting next to me and chattering for five minutes before I realized she was SOUNDING OUT WORDS and reading them. L-E-E-L-O, F-I-S-H. S-H-A-R-K. D-0-G, etc. SHEEIT! I called Seymour over as my witness, and wrote down D-A-D. Mali performed, "Duh-ah-duh ... Daaaad ... Dad!" Seymour then said, "Well, now, Miss Smartypants, why don't you try writing your brother's name?" And she did (!). So, it looks as though mostly neglected third kids still find ways to learn. Mali was certainly very pleased with herself.

Iz, meanwhile, has to choose an instrument for next year's fifth grade music program. I encouraged her to consider the clarinet (compact! She can swing or go orchestral!) but she is stuck on learning violin. (As though with our three cats we don't get enough caterwauling in this house.) But I am glad that she thought thought thought and decided to go with her instinct rather than cave to her mom. It's not as though she chose tuba, like her uncle Chet. (I still shudder to think of the Christmas family road trip to Canada with his tuba strapped to the roof of the car so he could practice over the break. Canadians, of course, are far too polite to confront their tuba-playing American cousins, no matter how out of tune.)

Seymour has an iTouch from work (because he needs to see how his site and its media perform in the iEnvironment) and is playing playing playing with it. WiFi, ooooooOOoooOOOooo. Best teeny interface I've seen so far.

I am more sleep-deprived than usual and it is tingeing my every thought with the grumps. I prefer being cheerful, so, to bed.

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