When the Kidz Karaoke Gets Elusive

Leelo loves his music. He gets it. He's always humming a tune, or slapping out a good beat. He seems to have perfect pitch. When his fine motor skills get a bit better, we plan to have him learn an instrument. For now, though, it's a treat to be around him when he breaks out in one of his spontaneous songs (right now his favorite ditty is "Sweet Potatoes" from Music Together, many thanks to Gwendomama for stocking us up).

Izzy's got music skills, too. Even though she doesn't grok the music like her brother does, she is a decent piano player and is not tone deaf. But she is also not what I would call a gifted singer, and I honestly have no idea how her and Violet's singing act qualified them for their school talent show. Perhaps they have good stage presence?

Further complicating matters is the act: A Hannah Montana (don't even start with me) song, True Friend, that has no commercial karaoke version. Gaaaah. Now they've been told they cannot be in the show without the karaoke version.

Does anyone know any good, cheap (or free) Mac software for converting regular songs to karaoke tunes? Violet's family is not available to investigate just now. HALP!

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  1. I know you're looking for free, but this one's only $10...

  2. this has a lite version and a paid version.


  3. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I found a karoke version of Like a Surgeon for Lex on itunes -- I see one there called My One True Friend by "Karaoke". I'd listen to see if that's it for you, but um, I wouldn't know. :P There are also five songs listed in an itunes search for Hannah Montana Karaoke, but not Iz's. hmmmm

  4. Also, I'm sure you've seen this already, but this video keeps coming up. It's somebody's home-cooked "karaoke" of the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnESvPEXtqk
    You can still hear the vocals somewhat, but it's something...

  5. Ah, the frustration of the moms of autistics: kiddos with perfect pitch and the aural version of perfect recall, and they can't stand to hear and sing with others who are the teeniest bit off-key, or the feel of an instrument's string.

    It's quite startling to hear a 3-year-old "sing" Stravinsky's Rite of Spring all the way through...

    How does he do with the piano?


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