Can I Sit With You?: New Story, and Radio Story Too

This week's Can I Sit With You? Story is Ella Enchanted, about a twelve-year-old pubescent girl surrounded by horrible boys who cop feels and then demand that she not tell anybody. This was one of the harder pieces for me to read, and will certainly have me talking to my nine-year-old daughter about not letting anyone bully her into silence.

Also, Jennyalice let me know that the Can I Sit With You? Annex Theatre show story aired, on Seattle's KPLU. Not all the authors who read were featured, but still, very exciting. Go have a listen.

If you didn't read my entry on Alex Barton, the pre-diagnosis Aspie kindergartener who was "Voted Out" by his classmates because it was buried by my Lolcatzing, please do. I like to think that Alex Barton's ostracization wouldn't have happened if his classmates' parents kept up with the Can I Sit With You? project.

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