Izzy in the Hall of the Mountain King

Izzy in the Hall of the Mountain King

Iz is starting to appreciate the value of hard work and effort as a means to self-satisfaction, entertaining people who then exclaim and cheer, and making her grandfather so happy to finally see a grandchild playing his piano that he gets tears in his eyes.

I almost made Iz quit piano because her refusal to practice was driving both me and her teacher bananas. But Iz swore she'd step it up, and she did. I'm proud, but more importantly, she's proud of herself.

She goes to geek school with kids who play Rachmaninoff flawlessly, so Best is not the focus. No. We're trying to learn her that practice and dedication eventually leads to skill, passion, and beautiful music, like the Xena theme song she's starting to play by ear.

Izzy quote for the week: "Mommy, I am not getting into the bath with Mali because she is tooting! I am not getting back in there until the gas DISSIPATES!"

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