Pigs Wouldn't Be This Happy

When I was eleven years old and daydreaming about a little girl I would name Khrystell Adelle and a little boy I would name Eden Something because boy names aren't as interesting, I never once anticipated the joy a child's successful bowel movements could bring.

Today I thought I had misplaced Mali, only to find she'd put herself on the toilet to have a poop ("A big one, Mama! And lots of little ones, too!"). Today Leelo interrupted a bout of trampoline ecstasy to announce "Poo poo!" and haul bare-assed past several of Iz's friends to place his entire load entirely within the bowl. Today I allowed myself to consider that my daydreams about a Diaper Genie-Free household just may come true.

Today, I am very grateful that Iz's friends are so blase about Leelo's quirks.


I am also so very amused by Mali, who at age three and a half (as of yesterday) sulks and stomps out of the room if you tease her -- sometimes leaving slammed doors in her wake. Who spontaneously breaks out "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in its entirety and in a key not of this earth, without any of us having taught it to her. Who only wants to wear "beautiful dresses" or skirts, and comes down the stairs every morning with a full outfit in hand, color-coordinated down to the shoes and underwear. Who, upon being told, "You can't always get what you want," screams back, "But I do! I do always get what I want!" Who tries so hard, every day, to do nice things for her brother, even though he terrifies her.

Sometimes I want to put her in a cage and suspend her from the balcony, but mostly I am delighted that she's here to keep us all entertained.

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