Take Action for Alex Barton

Liz Ditz sent me the following post from the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, regarding how we can take action and let Alex Barton's school district know that his teacher and classmates' behavior will not be tolerated:


Here is a quote from the post:
"We need to band together to prevent future such abuses from occurring, to ensure that this teacher is properly disciplined and to encourage this school to adopt both a strong bullying prevention policy and training on respect for all forms of diversity aimed at both teachers and students. As such, we've provided contact information below for you to write to communicate your outrage. Please be polite yet firm in your comments, pointing out the unacceptability of such actions when aimed at any student, as well as the need for this school to adopt policies to prevent this from happening in the future. This is an opportunity to drive home the message that we will not stand by while one of our own is abused. We ask that you please cc: info@autisticadvocacy.org in your e-mails to the school district so we can keep track of the strength and sources of this response. Remember: abusive messages hurt our cause - please be respectful in your comments."
And, as I wrote before, we parents need to be pro-active in cultivating the kinds of inclusive attitudes so sorely lacking in Alex Barton's classroom. Check out Paula Kluth for more ideas on fostering and maintaining inclusive attitudes in our schools.

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