Fantastic Autism Resource for Educators and Parents: AutismGames.org

Fantastic Autism Resource for Educators and Parents: AutismGames.org

It's been a long time since I've come across a site with so many new resources, that plinked my brain in so many different directions, that gave me so many new ideas for activities to explore with Leelo.

Autism Games (www.autismgames.org) has an extensive selection of descriptions, photos, and even videos of games that parents and educators can do with autistic children of all abilities. The site is divided into helpful sections: Site Introduction, Game Pages, Parent Tips, and Learning Objectives.

Thought the site's creator, Tahirih Bushey, is a speech pathologist, the site does not focus solely on communication and language acquisition. In fact, it cover areas as different as using music, and rules for using the computer. There is even an extensive and informative companion blog.

This is the kind of resource that makes me love teh internets so deeply. Unlike the Autism Speaks 100 Day Kit, which I am not trashing but which has to be ordered before you can start DOING SOMETHING to support your newly diagnosed autistic child, AutismGames.org is available to help families right now. For free. And I am very grateful.

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