BlogHer10 Autism Panel Liveblog Is UP

The BlogHer10 Autism panel was amazing ... can't really articulate how phenomenal it was to be in a room with that many people who not only "got it" but were open to, wanted to, push and share the boundaries of what they knew about autism.

Unfortunately, Sharon DaVanport had a medical emergency and was not able to speak -- but the amazing (and incredibly funny) Carol Greenburg stepped in for Sharon and added the adult with autism voice we so valued and needed.

The LiveBlog is here: http://www.blogher.com/official-blogher-10-liveblog-personal-blogging-autism-shattering-myths-opening-eyes-and-finding-your. Whether you were at the conference or panel or not, if you consider yourself a member of this community, please add your name and URL to the BlogHer post (not here! though adding it here *too* is fine) so we can find you!


  1. Glad you had a blast, especially after the travel nightmare.

    Sorry to hear about Sharon's problem--hope it's nothing too serious.

    Thanks for posting the link--will be a nice read for a Friday evening!

  2. I'm glad to hear it went well. I'll add my name to the blogher list!

  3. I read it when it was first up. Sounds like it was a fantastic panel. But too short!


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