BlogHer10 NOW!

It took one canceled flight plus a delayed + mid-flight landing + refueling-in-Allentown flight to get here 14 hours later than intented and missing my Ghanaian food/dear friend Luis fix plus the BlogHer speaker training PLUS the BlogHer CE dinner - but I'm here in New York City! And it is awesome. What amazingness. I've yet to talk with a person who doesn't make me fall deeper in love with the electric current-like power of blogging and the smart, strong women who'll be running around in celebration of the medium during this conference weekend.

Finally got to do IRL meetups with the ass-kicking Skye & Grace of Heroine Content.net, and then Niksmom, IamPixieMama, Stimey, & Varda (SquashedMom), which was lovely lovely lovely. If I left tonight the trip would be worth it! But then I'd miss TODAY's (AM) BlogHer10 autism panel and Saturday's My Baby Rides the Short Bus story at Bluestockings in Manhattan, and that would just be AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT UNIVERSE THAT I COULDN'T BEAR TO LIVE IN.

People are doing awesome thing with their personal swag. You should see Stimey's adorable mice! I am not that together -- in fact I was quite smug about remembering to make business cards -- but I did put together about a few mix CDs with personalized squiddy stickers on 'em. Catch me, remind me, I'll hand you one. Here's the melange:

Jardin of Luxembourg  *  The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger
L'Ascenseur  *  Olive Et Moi
You're My Lover Now  *  Pieta Brown
Alouette  *  Tallest Trees
Directo  *  Alex Cuba
Anonymous   * Yoav
Never So Big  *  David Byrne & Fatboy Slim
Kelele  *  Angelique Kidjo
Good Morning  *  Rogue Wave
As Long As We're Together  *  Andrew Morgan
Não Tente Compreender  *  Dadi
Little House  *  Annie Stela
Winter Vacation  * The Subjects
I Know  *  Meaghan Smith
The Medicine Show  *  The Mostar Diving Club
Silence Is Golden  *  Forro in the Dark
Dilruba  *  Kailash Kher and Kailasa
Two Doves  *  Dirty Projectors
Don't Go to Klaksvik   *    Leif Vollebekk
The Kirwan Song    *    The Amazing
Light of Love    *    Music Go Music
Take Me With U    *    Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings

P.S. Leo dealt very well with dropping me off at SFO for a red-eye flight, then waking up and finding me back in the house, and taking me to SFO once again in the early AM.

P.P.S. Happy 15th anniversary to the man I love more than anything else in this entire world.

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