More Than, Hoping For BlogHer10 Autism Panel Documentation

We were very cute. Even Pamela with that microphone in front of her face.

Have to say, folks -- autism and parenting are in the forefront at the moment, given that Leo is out of school and Seymour is in Philadelphia trying to figure out what the hell a Tastycake is. All this is getting in the way of BlogHer10 recordkeeping. If nothing else I'll slap up a big photo series tomorrow. Sheesh, this life we live!

Leo is back to stomping and twirling stims again -- but he is also in one of the calmest periods I've yet seen. He ate regular meals in restaurants two days in a row. PB&J and french fries may not seem like a victory to some, but until yesterday Leo only liked homemade PB&J, and Burger King french fries. So wooo! He also accepted my not buying him a mini-baguette at the grocery store with calm resignation rather than a banshee tantrum. First time ever. Round up the cannons for a proper salute!

Leo is also the cover boy for the SF Weekly today, for a story about him and his iPad -- really about autism and iPads in general. (This is the secret project I mentioned a few times recently.) Supposedly the story is in the LA Weekly and the Seattle Weekly, as well as the St. Louis equivalent -- can anyone confirm?

I miss Jennyalice, out on her intrepid cross-country trip.

Miss Seymour. Though he probably forgot about me as soon as he had his first bite of cheesesteak.


  1. You are so much more than the best cheesesteak ever. Trust me.


  2. What is it about those Burger King French Fries? We have a friend on the spectrum who lives on them. My son clearly prefers the Golden Arches Variety. But, like his dad, he eats everything nowadays. I remember when, at around age 8 he started eating real food in restaraunts. Man, does that make life easier.

  3. Aww, we were very cute. I didn't get enough time to hang out with you this weekend, but I wanted to let you know that you are a terrific moderator and that being in that room with you and all the other amazing women there was just incredible for me. Thank you. I'm still trying to process it in order to write about it.

    I read the SF Weekly piece—so cool! Although I used to work at the Guardian, so they're kinda the enemy. :)

  4. I am so glad I got to meet you twice (at the panel and over lunch, and at the reading). I am so envious of your friendship with Jennyalice. Every parent of a child with SN should have a best friend like you guys have in each other.

    Super cool article!! Here's to its making its way to Steve Jobs and his being inspired to help out the families of kids who could really use an iPad!!

  5. I can only imagine how challenging it is when BOTH your spouse and your BFF are away. :-( Having met JA, I totally get it, too!

    Life does have a funny way of picking up steam just when we'd like it to slow down enough to catch our breath, eh?

    It was so wonderful to get to spend some face-time with you at BlogHer. Can't wait til we both get a chance to write about it...whenever we get around to it!


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