Directions From BlogHer10 to the My Baby Rides the Short Bus Reading

Are you coming to see Jen Myers, Jen Silverman, Sharis Ingram, and me read our My Baby Rides the Short Bus stories this Saturday night at 7 PM at Bluestockings bookstore in Manhattan? Are you coming from the BlogHer conference? Are you worried about how to get from one point to the other?

No worries, it's actually a simple route. I'm cheap and so will not be taking a taxi -- I'm going to opt for the subway instead, and hope you will follow suit using these directions (give yourself 45 minutes):

From the Hilton:

  • Walk three blocks north along Avenue of the Americas/6th Ave to 57th Street station, about 5 mins
  • Subway - F - Queens Blvd Express/ 6 Av Local (8 stops), about 15 minutes
  • Arrive Second Avenue - Lower East Side - 2nd Ave
  • Walk east along Houston, turn right on Allen, walk to Bluestockings at 172 Allen (about 5 minutes from subway station)
I recommend mapping the route yourself using the public transportation directions option in Google Maps so you can visualize it properly. Hopefully an actual NYC resident will verify what I wrote above!

Truly hope to see you there.


  1. taking the second ave exit stairs out of the station and the exit to to the right of the turnstiles puts you directly on allen about a block and a half away (across the st.).

  2. jen (again)2:28 PM

    shoot, I meant 1ST AVE Exit. My bad.

  3. Thank you for doing this!!


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