Talking iPads and Autism on Seattle's 97.3 KIRO

I was on Seattle's News Talk 97.3 KIRO yesterday, talking with Luke Burbank about Autism and iPads, along with SF Weekly reporter Ashley Harrell. Ashley went first, my interview is during the second half of the show. As neither Ashley nor I have listened to the interview as it makes us queasy (I still can't listen to March's KQED Forum interview re: My Baby Rides the Short Bus, though a couple of weeks ago I did make it to the point where I start speaking) please let me know how it went!

Also, sincere thanks to everyone who showed such kindness, ire, and solidarity on our family's behalf regarding the rigid and/or nasty comments on Leelo's SF Weekly article, on the newspaper's site and elsewhere. I promise that any time a reader criticizes you by fixating on keywords instead of narrative, and taking your statements out of context, I'll have your back, too.


  1. I wanted to tell you that my dad forwarded me the SF Weekly story after he received a message from Apple about it. They seem to be following your story :) (which I loved, btw). Some people, however, are idiots and I'm sorry for some of the ridiculous comments. Your mom rocks.

    Now I need to listen to your radio interview :)

  2. A message? As in part of a newsletter? Whoa. Thanks for letting me know.

    My mom does indeed rock. It's genetic, Leo rocks too.

    Let me know how the interview went, I felt like I was channeling Alvin the Chipmunk. Maybe tonight after Seymour gets here I'll have a beer and a listen.

  3. I am 14 and have Autism but I don't have enough money to get an iPad if you know someone who is willing to give me one for free please let me know

  4. Kristina Sgueglia10:02 AM

    Hey, my name is Kristina Sgueglia Vice President of The Danny's Wish foundation, inspired by my little brother Danny, who is autistic. (www.dannyswish.org) Our charity mission is to provide life enhancing experiences and resources to those affected by autism. We recently launched our iPads For Autism campaign! Danny’s wish is to give every child a chance to have a voice and communicate with their outside world...
    That is why we are committed to raising money to provide iPads for schools and individuals with autism! Please check out our iPads For Autism campaign, and help us spread the word!

  5. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Glad to know that you are fierce, we are fierce and we can be fierce for our huge tribe of families. :)


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