BlogHer10 Weekend Post Coming

We did so much, hung out with so many (so many!) amazing people, saw so much, reveled so much, gave thanks so much -- our wonderful weekend might take as long to document as it did to experience. I'll try over the course of this week.

But for now, here's my favorite photo from the weekend: my two favorite Jens -- Jen Scharpen Monroe, who has successfully lured me deep into the BlogHer fold despite my initial 2006 skepticism and whose support I both relish and never take for granted; and Jen Myers (Jennyalice), whom I never actually gave a choice about being my friend, and without whom I might have spent the entire conference overwhelmed and hiding in my room, trying to break back into the minibar. Both of these women are social lightning rods, attracting all the energy in the room and then illuminating everyone they encounter. I am content to bask in their considerable glow.

And, of course, sincere thanks to the BlogHer team who magicked together our alternate reality weekend of awesomeness: Elisa, Lisa, Jory, Lori, Jes, Denise, and so many other wonderful women.


  1. What can I say, other than that it all went by way too, way too, fast?

    Hope you had a safe trip back -- thanks for everything plus (starting with the panel!).

  2. Hey. I can't wait to read your most, as it will further enable me to procrastinate the opus I'm in the middle of writing. I might stay up late and finish, I dunno.

    It was absolutely spectacular to meet you and Jen M! You made BlogHer even more fun. And I thought the panel was great.

    I would have been glad to break into the minibar with you.

  3. It was lovely to meet you. And, yes, if I hadn't had some people along to keep me out and about, I might have holed up in my room. And wait, break BACK into the minibar? Fun times.

  4. Just found you via Angry Black Bitch. My older brother is Autistic (turns 31 this year!) and I am always looking for new bloggers on the subject. Look forward to reading your posts!

  5. Kristina, Ellen, Jenna - I wanted hours with each of you.

    Sara, look forward to having conversations, and hearing more about your own experience as a sibling.


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