Not Blogging BlogHer Yet. Srsly. Sorry.

Reader, you're probably sick of excuses re: not blogging BlogHer. Trust me, I've got a good one. Except it's not my own business, so it's not something I can or would choose to share. But it was my first priority. And it's taken all my non-work, non-child wrangling time.

So, until tomorrow when I absolutely will regale you with BlogHer10 links pix and tales galore, enjoy this picture of Jennyalice winning her brand new Gateway laptop in the Microsoft suite at BlogHer, and catch up with her and her amazing family during their somewhat bumpy motorhome roadtrip across the country at Has Autism Will Travel.

Oh, and check out the portfolio of Kelly Nicolaisen, the photographer who took the pix of Leo for the SF Weekly iPad article: www.kellynicolaisen.com.

Also, any tips for staging an intervention with a five-year-old Zombie Farm addict would be appreciated.


  1. I have all kinds of whiny reasons for not writing about BlogHer yet. Most of them have to do with power outages and actual paid work. :(

    Maybe get your kid addicted to Angry Birds instead? That is where we are. I think Jack missed my iPhone more than he missed me when I was gone.

  2. Drats, another one addicted to the games!


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