iHelp for Autism: Leelo the Cover Model

Can't help but crow: my cute boy and his iPad are on the front page of three newspapers today!

SF Weekly
Seattle Weekly
St. Louis Riverfront Times
Leo looks so damn cute! And the reporter said my house was "tidy" so I can die happy. I wish they'd placed a bit more emphasis on our "complicated but happy" family attitude, but hey.  Overall it was nicely done, don't you think?


  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I thought it was terrific.

    Heather near Atlanta

  2. lovely! What is the blue thing around him? Looks sensory!

  3. Nice article and lovely pictures. It's great that the iPad has been so useful to Leelo, too. A friend told me that a person with super-low vision (who is classified as blind) has also found the iPad to be, as he reports "a life altering" device.

    Your house is really tidy. And, unlike the reporter, I know that's always true, from the occasional pictures you post here.

    The article link is also being sent as Apple's "Hot news" item of the day.

  4. It is a great article. And your family is absolutely gorgeous. The photos are amazing.

  5. Thanks Heather!

    Domestic Goddess: You know it. It's called a tactile path. Leo's grandmother got it for him for his 8th birthday:

    Zb: Thanks, and how great to read the "life-altering" use for other folks too. Apple Hot News? I'll have to find that link. :)

    Stimey: shucks. But I guess you know what an absolutely gorgeous family looks like from personal experience.

  6. http://www.apple.com/startpage/

    It's on Apple's home page.

  7. Peggy3:45 PM

    Fabulous article! We're using a DSI XL in a similar manner. I can get Touch to Talk on it and my selectively mute little fellow loves the Flip Notes. I still want an Ipad down the road. Such an encouraging story. Thanks Shannon!

  8. I'm so getting that tactile path. My stimmer would love, love LOVE it. I can see him licking it now...THANKS!

  9. Dee aka Donna6:36 PM

    The article is great! I think the writer did a wonderful job giving a face and color to information about autism and the iPad that will be helpful to many, many people who don't already read your work. Really nicely balanced, and (to my mind) an accurate representation of your attitude and daily life. The pictures are wonderful too.

  10. I haven't read the articles yet, but I love the pics! Especially the one of Leo coming out of the pools, the bw one of him sitting at the counter looking up, and the one where's he's sitting on the bench making a face. I don't know what the face is for, but it's awesome. Also, the one of all three kids with Mali making the blowfish face is priceless (...Christmas card?). I love that they used photos of the girls, and not just Leo.

  11. Anonymous9:57 PM

    I commented on the SF page, but WOW this was a great, balanced and wonderful article.
    Glad your having so much success, and that is it is working with your lower tech strategies, (like schedules and a lot of patience).

  12. Sent a copy of one of the articles to a friend of mine that has a son (her youngest in fact he is three) has been diagnosed w Pdd nos. I hope she finds the info helpful. I would love to see her son flourish even more!

  13. I thought your original post was great. I fwded to a friend whose son has developmental delays. Love the photos. I have to ask--did she have a really tall ladder or did she stand on your kitchen counter?

  14. That's awesome. What a great article - it gives a lot of hope to a lot of people. My son, John, loves his itouch and I've been holding back on upgrading to the iPad. I think I may have been swayed!

    Leelo is a lovely cover boy :)

  15. Rebecca9:45 PM

    Complicated but happy! that sums it up for us too.

  16. Anonymous7:06 AM

    O.K. I am behind in the news. I couldn't believe the cool article I just read at RFT online. You and all your kids, especially Leelo, look great! What a thrill to see him making advances and enjoying himself. You are a great mom

  17. My sister works for the Apple store in the Annapolis, Maryland store & she arrived at work to see your article posted on the wall! She sent it to me- not knowing that I already follow your blog! I passed it along to the Mariposa School for Autism here in Cary, NC. Great article!!

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