In Which I Attempt To Poison My Son

While polishing off some autism-relating reading last night, I was reminded of one of the biggest hurdles for a vegan diet: vitamin B12 deficiency. Leo has been a vegan for five months now (his choice: he can eat meat but he never ever has), and he's been cleared by his accupressurist for B12, so what's the hurdle, you say? Well, I'm supposed to be giving him vitamin B12 shots. Yeah.

Dr. P told us that it is easy if we keep the needle at a 30 degree angle and do the injection after he's asleep. Again, yeah. We may need Dr. P to give us a demonstration, as even our veterinarian showed us how to give our diabetic cat her daily insulin shots.

It usually takes a while to get in to see Dr. P, especially with our therapy schedule. Until then I am renewing my Eat Meat campaign. First skirmish: this afternoon I decided to give that chicken soup another shot. Added water and salt, heated it to a pleasantly warm temp, blended it smooth, and put it in a sippy cup. Then I walked over, handed it to him and said "Mmm, yummy soup!" He gamely took it and sucked down a big swig--then turned on me with a shocked and wounded glare, as though I'd given him Drano. He also gagged, threw the cup across the room, and retreated into the corner--backwards, so he could keep an eye on me, the torturer, the entire time. Christ.

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