There, There

No one commented on my fabulous Leelo supplement chart, and I forgot a couple of categories anyhow, so here is the revised version. Show some respect and click on the image below, then tell me I am great for managing to get anything else done, ever. Thank you.

Went down to Dr. P's office yesterday and had a chat with one of his nurses. Turns out my mom was right about the B12 shots. They are fucking intramuscular. That means I get to pinch a big hunk of my little guy's thigh, and then jab a needle into it at a 90 degree angle. They recommend doing it while he's sleepy or sleeping. Right, so he can get terrified of his bedtime because that's when we restrain him and jab him with needles. I suspect that this part is going to suck. Thankfully he only gets these injections twice a week.

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