Boring, Amusing

I know it's been breezily boring here for the past few days; being on Overload is my excuse. If you can stomach my blabbing about The Fabulous Miss Iz, then here's an amusing interlude before the hard-core bitching hits these shores tomorrow:

Opthalmology Assitant to Iz: How old are you?
Iz: Four and a half.
OA: Are you going to kindergarten next year?
Iz: Yes.
OA: Do you know your letters yet?
Iz: Yes.
OA: What is that letter?
Iz: "O."
OA: And this letter is?
Iz: "A." And that sign says "Saturday Appointments Available for Everyone," and that other sign says "An Australian Alphabet."
OA: (momentary silence) Ah. Well then.

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