What Passes For An Epiphany In My House

Last night, as I was looking at Leelo's rice bread and just getting really bummed at the idea of another toast-and-nut butter meal, I had a revelation. We have gluten-free pancake mix, yeah? Yes we do. So I did it. I took the rice milk and the egg substitute and the Arrowhead GFCF pancake mix, added a few dried raspberry bits, and...Reader, he ate them. He did! HE ATE PANCAKES! Dry, with nothing on them since there is no such thing as soy-free margarine and syrup has too much sugar. This is the first new, sanctioned food items that he's allowed to pass his lips in three months. And he not only ate them, he demolished THREE of them lickety-split. And...just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Isobel ate some too. And said they were good!

As you might guess, it doesn't take much to make me happy. I spent the rest of the evening dancing around, driving everyone nuts with my little song, which you can now sing too (to the tune of the first two lines of Surrey With The Fringe On Top):

Look at me, I am so clever!
I had success in my endeavor!

The best part is that we've dispensed with our dried raspberry waste issue. Leelo is addicted to these horribly expensive dried raspberries from the good folks at Blackbird Foods. I don't know why he craves them--they are cheeks-suckingly tart--but he does. But only about 2/3 of the raspberries make it home intact, because they drying process depletes their drupelet cohesion and they easily crumble. So I'd hoarded about a cup of raspberry bits in the hope of finding a use for them, and voila! Raspberry pancakes.

Party of my giddiness stems from congestion-derived oxygen depletion, I think. My dear friend Djinn came down for a hike this A.M., and I spent the entire 2.5 miles of a trail I hike all the time gasping like an emphysemic. My own fault. Unlike Dee, I am pharma-phobic, and hate to take the cold/flu meds unless threatened or prostrate.

The dreaded flu bug has hit Therapist L, who was supposed to come in this afternoon. Iz is home from school for Veterans Day. Everyone else went to the zoo. Hmmm. Sounds like a worryingly slow afternoon at Casa Rosenberg. Perhaps we'll go surprise Seymour at work. Heh heh heh.

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