Five-minute Excuse

After a grinding week of crapola and sickness and metal splinters in eyes and appointments up the wahoo and non-simultaneous school and work holidays, I begged for a respite and went to bed at 8 P.M. last night. So the huge steaming pile of gripes that was supposed to arrive yesterday may arrive later tonight. With extra spice, if tonight's party for Clyde (husband of Ep, does that work for you Jo?) is as top-heavy with alcohol as I hope--the man IS Scottish.

By the way, many of you find the Legolas (Orlando) vs. Aragorn (Viggo) debate divisive. My final statement on the matter is that, even though I've had many a randy daydream about Mr. Bloom, Viggo is far more likely a conquest for this girl. See, he used to be married to Exene Cervenka, and--though it makes me angry and is the reason why I no longer sport bangs---I used to be slammed against the wall by many an over-enthusiastic punk/goth girl yelling Oh MY GOD you look JUST like EXENE holy SHIT!!!. Historically, I've got the goods that Mr. Mortensen wants. Nyah nyah nyah.

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