Out of the Will

So, my dad took Iz to the playground today. Our girl doesn't know the meaning of the word shy, as evidenced by her going up to a random lady to introduce herself:

"Hi, I'm Izzy, and this is my grandpa. He wears a wig!"


Not Quite Nanook

I am trying to get my mom to tell me more and more stories of her youth in the wilds of Northern British Columbia, of her father who was a railway man in those same wilds, and of her grandmother who ran a railroad cookhouse in the even more remote wilds. She keeps telling me that she has some sort of Creative Memories-style book that she's going to fill out for me. I think I'm going to start corresponding with her about these amazing semi-fables, too. Heh heh.


Leelo Update

Leelo, btw, is doing fabulously, saying Hi to everyone on request and using words (e.g., "put me down") with people other than Seymour or me, instead of just whining or crying. Really great receptive language (i.e., understanding and reacting appropriately to our requests). It is still frustrating to observe that he's probably at least 18 months delayed in so many things, but my mom swears he is doing a lot better than he was just a month ago (the last time she saw him).

He seems much more "with" us these past few days. Whether this is because he's finally, finally, finally after a fucking month of illness almost better, or whether this is because we started another course of Diflucan (a strong anti-fungal/yeast suspension), we'll never know. Oh, hey, maybe it's a result of those B12 shots we started last week before I realized they'd been sitting in our fridge so long they were expired and their sterility was in question? Yeah, me! Go, me!

Back to Sequoia Town tomorrow in the early A.M. This visit was too short, but I'll be happy to get us all back home with a nice weekend buffer between the trip and our regular schedule of programs.

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