Shut Her Up!

Lately I've not been getting much sleep. The result: kiss at least half my mental processing abilities good-bye. Hence yesterday's malformed semi-rant.

What I was trying to say--before I got all fixated on my future as a goatherder--was that you can know just about everything you need to know about a stranger in an instant, if it's the right instant. For me, the most telling reactions involve non-critical, impromptu confrontations such as merging into traffic or who gets the cafe's last croissant. Disappointingly, it has been my experience that, in these situations, most people are dicks. In my area, anyhow. I don't want them anywhere near me or my kids, especially if things get tough.

The other result of sleeplessness is caffeine overconsumption, leading to verbal diarrhea. Apologies to those who were forced to bear today's looping rambles and rants.

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