Sleep-Deprived Dreams

Sat up with a start, remembering a dream I had in the hour between going to sleep at 2 A.M. and Leelo's waking at 3 A.M. yesterday:

I heard a noise in the kids' room, right next to ours. I rushed in, not turning on the light since I didn't want to wake them if it was nothing, and stumbled against something. It moved. I screamed, it screamed.

"What is going ON?" I demanded.

"Please don't hurt me," the man replied. "I'm a friend of Badger's, she said I could come sleep on the floor of your kids' room."

"Let me turn on the light." I said.

"No, please don't!" He said. "You'll never trust me if you see what I look like right now!"

"I'm sorry, I have to." I replied, and flipped the switch.

He was a sad clown.

Analyses, anyone?

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