Leelo seems better. He had great occupational therapy and speech therapy sessions this morning (offsite) but still had a fit when we tried to do ABA at home. He knew I was still around and so howled until poor Therapist F said maybe she could come back on Monday when he's 100%. Fine.

Got the homeopathic solutions from Dr. P's office way the fuck down in Los Altos, and, upon getting home and opening the bag realized that his staff had forgotten to include the instructions. Go team!

But, a small miracle occurred in that there is an insane party store almost directly across the street from Dr. P's office! And all its Bob the Builder paraphernalia was on sale! So, that got to be an on-the-way errand rather than a special, time consuming trip. Oh happy day.

Leelo also slept well last night, so I got some work done on the activity books. They'll only be four pages long, but that's just going to have to do.

And--another respite--Seymour's brother, wife, and two girls who will be staying with us for the weekend got stuck in L.A. and won't get here until the wee hours! More hours to be frantic and get stuff done without entertaining guests!

Leelo and I are off to his exit exam for the Golden Gate Regional Center. Those are the folks who funded his preschool and initially not-quite-diagnosed him (i.e., these are the people who said "If he was three, we'd call him autistic). We're seeing the same crew this go-round, so perhaps they'll give us a formal diagnosis! Perhaps they'll give us additional funding for special ed classes! Perhaps they'll declare him cured and give him a lollipop!

Party should be fun. We'll be thinking about those of you who can't make it.

I am reading Matilda again, but this edition has two batches of page 177-204 and no pages 112-176! If I can't remember where I bought it, what is my recourse? Should I just send it back to the publisher and demand a replacement?

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