Tsunami in Memoriam

Browsing through the lastest fewest postings, it appears this area has devolved into a daily laundry list and moan fest. So, who needs to hear every last dreg and gasp about the fuckorama tidal wave that was my last week. I'll just give you the highlights (yes, this is the short, heavily edited version):

Me: sinus infection all week long. The kind where all the mucus inside your nose and sinuses turns to glue and you cabn't breed through your nose and have nightmares about choking on something even if ever so briefly because you know if that happens you will DIE.

Leelo got better! Had great therapy sessions all week! We added MG/K Aspartate to his supplement regimen, he has had faboo eye contact all week but lots of spazziness too. Wonder if we will ever get one without the other. Still has a running snot tap for a nose. We are going to >shudder< start the B12 shots tomorrow night. Pray for us.

Iz got a tiny metal splinter stuck in the edge of her iris somehow, possibly from our heating system (so I am writing from a very very cold house as the furnace is off until we can investigate things properly or at least until the HVAC guy calls back). Late-night Urgent Care folks said, yaaaaah! We don't do that kind of work here, take her to an opthalmologist in the morning. The opthalmologist did indeed take care of it, and Iz is dandy, but dealing with the hair-pulling bitchfest between her office and that of our pediatrician (from whom I had to extract an emergency referral) was so brutal that I was in tears by the time we left (yes I am a total suck). I then had to deal with the offices each calling me up to yell because the other offices called them back and yelled at them for making me so upset--PEOPLE, YOU ARE PROFESSIONALS AND THIS IS NOT JUNIOR HIGH. Get fucking lives!

We had our three-year checkup with Leelo's pediatrician on Thursday. It went well, and they did not make me give him the hepatitis vaccine they'd been bugging me about as it is voluntary (even though they assured me it is preservative-free).

I firehosed the good Dr. G with doctor-speak info (Lovaas articles, the DAN protocol), gave him books for his prickly wife to read (Let Me Hear Your Voice, Karyn Seroussi's Screed) so as to help dispel her prejudices against ABA therapy or at least get her more informed on what we're doing, and gave them an edited version (no mention of BioSet) of my write up of our Biomedical approach to Leelo's restricted diet, supplements, yeast eradication, anti-antibiotics, and chelation. Plus copies of Leelo's hair, blood, urine, and stool tests.

Dr. G took it pretty well, laughing about his "homework assignments," although I think he probably won't give it all more than a cursory glance and his wife will toss it into the dustbin the first chance she gets. I also volunteered to talk with any patients that may be starting down this painful path, but from the looks in their eyes as I was leaving it seems they'd be more likely to protect them from me.

Things I forgot to address this week because I barely remembered to wipe:
  • Acknowledgements of at least two friends who have new babies. Sorry! I'm over babies, my friends and family have all had too many lately and I can't keep them straight. (NOTE TO DEE: Artoo is no longer a baby. She's on my radar, never fear.)

  • The illness of Seymour's Grandmother who is a Christian Scientist and won't go to the doctor but has mysteriously lost 20 pounds in the last two months and is largely too weak to get out of bed.

  • My brother's negative Cystic Fibrosis test results, which came in two weeks after his pregnant girlfriend's came back positive.

  • The elopement of two dear friends who decided they'd rather just avoid trying to arrange a ceremony that would please their 20-odd contentious kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids.

  • The aliveness of my silly Canadian cousin who is currently teaching English in Saudi Arabia and who didn't get blown up in the assault on foreigner's lodgings this summer or last week.

Tomorrow a new week begins! Rah!

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