Exhaling and Reveling

Iz and Seymour made it safely to their destination. I will now start breathing again.

I will also commence fucking around for a good long time, seeing as I never, ever, ever, ever get any down time in my own fucking house, what with the therapists on site for seven hours and the world's chattiest girl right after that and then Seymour, love that he is, joining the show for the final act each day. I am going to take advantage of this desperately needed zone time. (Leelo is an easy boy to hang out with, as he is currently not in a destructo phase.) I may not even answer the phone.

I will be fucked if I will do any housework. Later I will take the boy out for very bad Chinese or Mexican food, seeing as my cholesterol test results have not yet come back. I will run him ragged on hikes and walks so that he will go to bed early. Then I will set up the laptop next to my steaming scented bath, pour myself a glass of wine, and watch The Two Towers DVD or maybe some Buffy season 5. Finally, I will try to find some lascivious bedtime reading for an appropriate send off to a day like this. Yay for me.

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