Want a Job? Please?

I just posted the following ad on Craigslist:

Reply to: aba_help AT yahoo DOT com
Subject: (education jobs) Seeking ABA Therapist For Private In-Home Program

We are seeking an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapist to work with our adorable 3 year old autistic spectrum son at our home in Rrrrredwood City. You will join an amazing team of therapists while our lead therapist is on hiatus through June.

We need someone who can step right in and start working, so applicants must have experience with and proficiency in discrete trials. We will provide additional, professional training as needed in skills such as Natural Language Paradigm (NLP), Facilitated Playgroups, and Sensory Integration. Team skills are a must as you will be working closely with other therapists to implement an effective curriculum.

Duties include one-on-one tutoring sessions, formal playgroups with our son and two other children, data recording, and team meetings twice monthly.

Minimum commitment of 10 hours per week (possibly more), four months duration. The ideal schedule is Wednesday morning/afternoon and Friday afternoon, with possible late afternoon hours on other days. Reduced hours will be available if desired after our lead therapist returns in June.

The position is open as of Feb. 25, 2004. Pay commensurate with experience, starting at $$$/hour.

Please email resumes to aba_help AT yahoo DOT com.

We did get some good therapist news this week, though. The agency that provides Leelo's Occupational Therapy has managed to find another therapist already, so there will be no gap in his OT schedule, at least for now. Whew!

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