Speaking of Fuckerwads

Leelo just had another wee hours episode, starting with him crying in his room at around 1:30 A.M. Seymour called to him to come into our room, which elicited the unprecedentedly phrased "Daddy?" and got him to trot over to our bed. (Even in my sleepy stupor, I though, hey, Leelo, that's something new. Good boy). But then, once he climbed up, he promptly pinned me between him and his dad, on Seymour's side of the bed. Not good.

I immediately started overheating because Seymour the pajama-phobic sleeps under a great pile of comforters and blankets. I cannot sleep when too warm and so stealthily stripped. Rah! Except just as I was dozing off, Leelo turned over and ascertained that I had once more committed the ghastly act of nakedness. He sat up and howled "Shirt ON!!!" Sigh. It was too dark to find the original garment, so I went and got another. Too late, Leelo continued to fuss--first asking to "go in the car," then just fretting. It took him about an hour to settle down and go back to sleep. I hope to follow suit sometime before the sun rises. Yeesh. Little fuckerwad.

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