Le Urp?

Twelve years ago, Seymour and I did the broken-down-goat-bus tour of Mali's Dogon region. We became friends with our guide, Tombou, despite the twin barriers of my low-rent pidgin French and his sketchy tourist-gleaned English. Ever since, Tombou and I have corresponded in French as best we can, more frequently now that he has email. Usually I have a vague idea of what he's saying, e.g., "I hope you are well and can you send me some size 40 Teva sandals," but today's is a stumper. I can't tell if he's saying that friendship is more important than money, or that he's mad at me and wants money now, dammit (which would be odd). Anyone have a clue?

hi squid je te fait ce message pour te dire jesuis
fache avec toi parceque je ne pas tourve mon carte de
bonne annee parce que je demende beucoup d'argent avec
vous pour nous l'argent ce pas inportant mais
l'amitiesmerci je salutles enfants es ton marie Seymour

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