Mercury Rising in the House of Wampum

My thanks to the good folks at Wampum for today's excellent piece on Mercury/Thimerasol/Autism. Just in case anyone is thinking the situation is clear-cut. Read on and please take action if you're able to.

Oh, right, trackback doesn't work for me for some reason. Please go to Wampum, read today's article Science, Please, and then yesterday's article Sunshine can be the best medicine. If you've got the stamina, then I dare you to continue on and read Tears of Joy -- A Matter of Perspective without sobbing. We POAs* have adjusted our goals for our kids, that's for sure.

*Parents of Autistics, since I'm stealing all my material from Wampum today.

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  1. Oh my. 2004. Please read my BlogHer post "My child has autism and I vaccinate" to see how my perspectives have changed in the past six years.



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