Leelo Language

Our boy has figured out that he can ask for things not in his view. All this language is unprecedented stuff for our boy, though it might be dull reading:

Leelo on learning that we were picking up Ep but not Clyde:
"I want to play with Clyde!"

Leelo on remembering that he has a pair of favorite books that he hasn't thought about for weeks:
"I want book!"
Squid: "Which book?"
"I want All About Baby!" (Mommy dutifully goes and retrieves it from shelf)
Leelo: "I want Good Morning Baby!" (the companion to AAB)
Squid (to self) "Holy shit." (retrieves second book from shelf)

"Take off diaper," "climb ladder," answering "I don't know" to questions...I have to record it so I don't forget or take it for granted. Each new phrase is hard-earned, hard-won, and cherished.

Tonight's Therapist candidate was ideal: She is an experienced ABA therapist, is getting her doctorate and so has a relatively flexible schedule, works at the Stanfford Autism/PDD clinic helping conduct diagnoses, and is a tall, gorgeous redhead like Therapist F (Seymour afterwards: "Is there some sort of babe requirement to be an ABA therapist?"). Plus she's happy with the rate we offered. But we have four more interviews. Maybe the next one will be Catherine Maurice!

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