We are about to make a big switch in Leelo's supplement schedule. We're hoping to drop the time-consuming daily grind of custom-mixing Leelo's supplement cocktails in favor of the simplified efficiency of a 1 tsp. daily dose of SuperNuThera. I am sooooo excited! We just have to recheck with Dr. P before beginning, to make sure we're doing everything exactly exactly exactly how we're supposed to, as these friggin' biomedical regimens are complicated undertakings.

Want details? I've prepared a numbingly dull line-by-line comparison of how SuperNuThera compares to what we're doing now, complete with proposed before and after schedules. I'll fax it to Dr. P on Monday for approval, in the hope of starting the SuperNuThera Slide on Tuesday.

Leelo is mosly doing groovily lately. He has gone back to the nutties a bit, including a funhouse episode last night from 4 to 6:30 A.M., but if you can get him to focus then he's right on with the correct responses.

Seymour gets worried each time our boy's behavior changes like this, but I think we just need to hang in and keep going. I don't like it when Leelo has unreachable periods, but I can't let it get to me--I know that the episodes will pass, and they cannot be allowed to interfere with my attitude towards helping him to learn, and maintain skills. His wigginess may be due to sloppiness on my part (this week: two missed Nystatin doses, two missed Lactobaccillus doses, one missed B12 shot, two gluten/dairy challenges due to his Plasticman arms & speed when it comes to forbidden foods), but then again it may not. Supervisor M has been tracking his data vs. every single little supplement change since October, and the only thing she's found that definitely affects his behavior is getting ill.

Leelo's ABA data continues to show progress. He's picking up new skills, plus he gets several "maintenance" sessions each week to ensure that he hasn't lost previously mastered skills. During this past two weeks, he has consistently greeted everyone he knows with correct form, often spontaneously (e.g., a ready "Hello KV" even though he only sees her once every 8 weeks). Particularly excellent are his morning greetings of "Good morning Mommy" and "Good morning Daddy." We have to greet him first, but he responds correctly 90% of the time. Very cockle-warming.

Slight issues with the yesses and no's, and colors. He is starting to overgeneralize--if you ask "Leelo, what color is my sweater?" (a question he used to answer correctly), he will answer with "yes! It's a sweater!" I have told his therapists, and they are going to work on it in session, while we will work on it at home.

The rest of us:

-I may be getting sick. Hope not. Sure is convenient to have Leelo's mega-doses of Vitamin C on hand. I am reading Ballet Slippers for the first time. Gee, I wonder if Lemony Snicket ever read this book...

-Seymour spent most of the day building trails in a local open-space park. He was then so sleepy that he dozed off while watching the kids, giving wily Leelo an escape opportunity. The boy opened the front door and off he ran, luckily to his swing rather than the driveway. Me: "That is why we always deadbolt the front door when we're home. Remember how I told you about him escaping into our mint forest while I was powdering my nose?" Seymour: "Oh yeah. Whoops." People laugh at me for being a lockaholic, but I've good reason.

-Iz: Continues to be funnier than fuck. If you know her, then you know what I mean.

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