Flying The Yellow Flag

Leelo got invited to a playgroup today, held by some of the typical kids from his former preschool.

There's no fucking way I was going to let him go.

Cowardice? Sure. Leelo would have had a great time. He is in a manic phase, and so would have spent his time happily yelling, running, and knocking things over. He would have been oblivious to the widening developmental gap between himself and the other children. He may have engaged and responded to the other parents a bit, but certainly not enough to ward off their palpable waves of pity and discomfort. Fuck that shit. Maybe I'll see them in two years. Sorry, Leelo.

Since I am so grumpy, I'm going to have to ask the rest of you to please think happy, implanting, nurturing thoughts for one of my favorite bloggers, getupgrrrl. In today's episode, she got put on absolute bedrest. I would surrogate for her (or, indeed, for any of my friends) in a second, but after Leelo I'm certain that no one would want to risk using me as an incubator.

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