Are You Superstitious?

I surely am. But not in an overt or paralyzing way. More like Kit Moresby in The Sheltering Sky, seeing omens everywhere. Although I got out of West Africa with my brain in one piece.

I have my little talismans scattered around the house where no child should be able to reach them. My approach is fairly simple: if the talismans are intact, that which they represent will also remain intact.

I suspect that Seymour doesn't realize how precious they are to me, doesn't know what they represent. Not his fault, I keep my cards close. I don't think I've ever talked about it to anyone.

One of the most dear is the two-headed Indonesian mermaid/man that Seymour found for me when he was living in New York. In my cockeyed scheme, it represents our togetherness somewhat, although I can't tell you more or the charm will be affected.

Needless to say I was not happy to find Iz with its heads in one hand and tail in the other, valiantly trying to repair it all with gluestick and scotch tape.

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