Bully for Bollywood

I hate going to Fremont. I rarely allow the town its given name, preferring to spit out "Fucking Fremont" and then start sulking. This is the city that lured my workplace across the Bay, terminating my bike commuting days and forcing me to shell out toll money each time I escaped. I dislike the place.

Or I did. Until Iz's Godmother Stacy took us to the most fabulous Indian restaurant in the entire world, Bombay Garrdens of Newark (Fremont adjacent). Our local place just can't compete with variety of foods served in the buffet (including the elusive, scrumptious, egg curry), or the ten-foot-wide overhead screen and its continuous Bollywood videos. Heaven! It was packed at 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon, so I guess the secret's out.

We had a loverly late lunch. Eventually the conversation turned towards the entertainment, as it tends to do with performance geeks--er--academics like Seymour and Stacy. And what we all wanted to know was this: Did Michael Jackson steal his moves and triangle dance formations from Bollywood? Or was it the other way around? Anyone?

Slightly related embarrassment: I can't stop watching the Toxic video by B. Spears. God and TiVo help me.